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Traditional. Innovative. Sustainable.

SevGen Consulting -

“SevGen is about seven generation thinking. What we do today greatly impacts those seven generations from now. We have the collective responsibility to make today count so that our future generations will be stronger in every way possible.”

Derek M. Bruno - Founder


Coaching and guidance for every step, from idea generation through to the start-up, development and growth of your business.

Building strong and sustainable Indigenous communities to achieve socio-economic, environmental and governance goals.

Supporting successful Indigenous engagement, inclusion and investment through training and the development of policies, processes and initiatives.

Indigenous-based advisory services and research for policy and program development, consultation, strategies and planning.

SevGen Consulting -


100% Indigenous-Owned

SevGen’s diverse and highly experienced team offers an innovative approach to implementing Indigenous-led solutions. Our focus is strengths-based and holistic to champion the power of traditional knowledge in a modern context.